The Best Laid Plans


I have a friend who, by the time he was in fourth grade, knew EXACTLY what he wanted to be growing up.  His affinity was politics and was going to be President of the United States by the time he was 35.

A silly dream shared by countless boys and girls at that age, but it wasn’t just a dream for him.  He was going to make it foolish whim a reality.  By 6th grade, he knew the courses he was going to take in high school.  The fall between graduating high school and getting accepted into his Alma Mater, my friend had already devised a four year plan.

His family was never encouraging and for ten years of his childhood he was told that he would never amount to anything-he would be lucky to even graduate high school.  Yet, he did.  He was told college was out of reach for him; yet, despite all the trials and tribulations he faced, he earned a Master’s Degree while working as a manager at two retail wireless stores.

Did he ever become president?  Obviously not.  Early on he learned that the only thing that’s sure about life is nothing’s for sure.  Like his younger version, many people have their entire lives planned.  On their map of life there is a clear destination with little benchmarks of success outlined along the way.  Then life happens and many find that their best laid plans resemble the aftermath of a rampaging bull in a china shop.  Such is the best laid plans of mice and men.

Life has its ups and downs, and in an instant everything can change.  Those who are able to take all that life throws their way are not smarter, luckier, nor better equipped then those who become victims-however, they learn from their mistakes and/or failures, adapt and evolve.  They understand that sometimes you have to take a different course than what the GPS is saying.  That road less traveled often makes for the best adventures.


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