Mindful Meditation for Beginners

This is a basic Mindfulness Meditation mediation for beginners. For the purposes of this meditation, it is best if you can find a safe, comfortable place where you will not be distracted or interrupted.
  1. Sit in meditation pose (cross-legged on a pillow, meditation bench that is low to the ground or upright in a chair).
  2. Let your gaze focus softly on a point in front of you.
  3. Let yourself relax and become aware of your breath.
  4. Notice how your body expands when you inhale and how your body contracts as you exhale.
  5. Notice whether your breath is smooth and slow or jagged or if you are out of breath
  6. Consider how the breath you are taking in is stimulating and energizing to your cells.
  7. As you observe your breath, notice the spaces between the in flow and the out flow.  Consider how all of life rises and falls, in impermanence, like the breath.
  8. Pause and reflect.
  9. Keeping your awareness on your breath, let your mind become quiet.  Realize that the very practice of focusing just on the breath quiets the mind, helping it settle down.
  10. As your mind begins to quiet, allow your attention to sweep through your body, noticing the sensations that arise. 
  11. Notice where there is tension and tightness.  Bring your attention these areas. 
  12. Use your awareness to penetrate the center of these areas of discomfort and hold the edges of the discomfort with loving attentiveness.

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