About Samy Camara

IMG_9085Trauma.  PTSD.  Anxiety and depression.  Grief and loss.  Professional frustrations.  It all can be debilitating and lead to poor health, bad decisions, and a lower quality of life.

A simple thought, created from an experience that form our perspectives in life.  I’m not good enough to try out for the team.  I will never amount to anything.  Only the favorites ever get promoted.  All I need is one shot, but no one will give me the opportunity.

We become “stuck” emotionally and we begin to experience the cycle of samsara in everyday life.  Is there no end?  Sometimes willpower and getting over it is not enough.

Samy is a Los Angeles based life coach who is here to help you get unstuck and help you discover the roadblocks that are holding you back, so you can once again live a joy-filled, purpose driven life while still honoring your past by specializing in: 

  • Coaching, Brainstorming, & Problem Solving
  • Ego-state parts work
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Manifestation & Mindfulness
  • Reiki

Samy masterfully works with her clients to create inspired and resourceful solutions to not only generate possibilities for personal transformation but discover something they may not have had.  HOPE!

Samy started her professional career with a degree in Business Administration from Blackburn College.  She has background as an actress, coach, leader, and producer.  Having worked diligently on overcoming her own childhood trauma, she took notice of the day to day issues that caused stress and unhappiness in the lives of others and resolved to make the world a better place.  One soul at a time.